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Here is the mission statement, or the blog in a nutshell: Recently Trendy reports on the latest web sensations and analyzes the most popular online trends with a healthy dose of snark.

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Offering a unique perspective on popular culture, this blog analyzes pop culture trends, online trends, and the most recent trends. What is the explanation behind the latest phenomenons? More importantly, what drives modernity forward?

Trends fascinate me, especially in pop culture. The collective opinion of web users, also known as online trends, can determine somebody or something's authority and visibility on the Internet. That intrigues me. How is this consensus reached? How is anything determined as popular or not?

I am not an expert in analyzing Internet trends, and I am certainly no spokesperson for the popular culture today. This blog is written from just a humble perspective on interpreting recent trends, and their fascinating origins.

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Naw, screw that. I'm not making an effing video. Just read the above!

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