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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Into the Third Dimension – The Appeal of 3-D Entertainment

The Appeal of 3-D Entertainment

Remember a time when 3-D movies did not used to be popular?

For the past few decades, various forms of three-dimensional entertainment have only appealed to a selective niche market.  They were mostly contained within amusement parks, targeted towards children and their parents during the typical family summer vacation.  These 3-D movies never hit it off in mainstream culture, because wearing those clunky glasses to the cinema did not feel comfortable, convenient, or economically viable.  Besides, the enjoyment derived from an additional dimension was not substantial enough for businesses or consumers to invest in this media.

In the age where many naysayers predicted the demise of television and movie entertainment, few people expected there would be a sudden upsurge in 3-D films during the recent years.  Not only did they reach out to the younger demographic, but many adult moviegoers are also fascinated by the unique viewing experience.  These consumers were even willing to shell out extra money in the cinema for the three-dimensional alternative.  As evident by the unprecedented number of 3-D movie releases in the upcoming year, this form of entertainment has been surprisingly revived.  The real question remains: how long will this modern phenomenon sustain?