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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Popularity of Superhero Movies - Unmasking the Superhero Icon

The Popularity of Superhero Movies

Look, it's a bird...it's a plane, no it's another superhero movie coming to a cinema near you.

Over the past decade, the American film industry has been churning out superhero movies at a rapid and frequent pace.  In between the years of 2011-2012, we can expect at least ten mainstream superhero films to hit the big silver screen.  Such titles include the latest Spiderman reboot (yes, again) as well as the much anticipated Dark Knight sequel (third in the series and counting).  Since these movies are often massively profitable and generate high market demand, it is unsurprising that filmmakers turn to these projects as a reliable investment.  They all want a slice of the market share, thus resulting in countless feature movies about a superhero of every variety.

As the mass production of superhero movies continues, this prompts an obvious question: how many superheroes do we need in our lives anyway?  It is fascinating that the same character trope has sustained throughout the years, without a drastic decline in the market demand or supply.  This essay analyzes the timeless marketability of the superhero films, and we'll also look at the hottest superhero blockbusters in the upcoming seasons - what makes these superheroes trendy?