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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Love in Reality Television – Celebrating Adultery and False Romances

Romance is dead in reality television.

    After twenty collective seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, one must wonder if any actual romance existed in the first place.  There is definitely lust among the contestants, as evident by the multitude of make out sessions per episode, but can meaningful relationships blossom beyond the initial physical attraction?  The track record seems doubtful.  This series has produced just one happily married couple so far.  Perhaps two couples, if we take into account of the notorious bait and switch scandal.  Nonetheless, there have been at least eighteen failed relationships, which is an astonishingly high number for a franchise that promises to discover true love.

    The truth about romance in reality television is that it rarely occurs.  In normal life, most couples take months and years before finally connecting with one another.  In reality television, this dating process is reduced to a matter of weeks, with the threat of a prospective engagement at the end of the journey.  Time issues aside, many reality television couples suffer from the delusions of amour, due to the manufactured circumstances in their artificial setting.  Sure, it is easy to fall in love during a romantic candlelit dinner at a gorgeous exotic locale, but will the feelings remain the same in a less glamorous environment?  The biggest drawback to The Bachelor franchise is that it does not prepare couples for a practical relationship outside of the show’s bubble, without the camera crew and without the luxury dates.